Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Containment Aids the Drying Process

This high school had an air conditioning unit above their large gym. With as hot as North Carolina summers can get, the AC unit had overworked and began to leak... READ MORE

Warehouse Clean Up

At a warehouse in Wilson, the fire sprinkler on the ceiling was bumped by a forklift, causing the sprinkler to go off and fill the warehouse with water. There w... READ MORE

Helping Property Managers One Apartment at a Time

We get plenty of calls from Property Managers whenever there is a leak in an apartment, if they suspect mold growth, or even for carpet cleanings. In this Wilso... READ MORE

Water Damage to Commercial Property in Wilson

An air conditioning unit created a wet mess in this Wilson business. Thankfully there was minimal damage, but SERVPRO of Wilson/Nashville worked diligently to m... READ MORE