SERVPRO of Wilson / Nashville Employee Photos


Ms. Shadow has been a member of our SERVPRO team for a year.  Our biggest fan and proudest mascot.  She loves to greet our Customers at the door with big, inviting, brown eyes and a tail-wag.  Do not let her size fool you, she may be large, but she is the sweetest and friendliest member in our Office.  She just wants to hug you.

Her Office Duties include: Patrolling the grounds to inform the staff of any Large Trucks, Visitors or Lizards.  Crumb patrol at Breakfast and Lunch.  Occasionally accompany the Owners and Management with daily errands.

Her Likes & Hobbies include: Sleeping all afternoon.  Long walks in the evening.  Sunbathing.  Playing with Tennis balls.  Horseplay with her younger brother.


Mr. Batman is the super hero of our Office.  He lives up to his reputation by greeting and inspecting all of our Visitors, Vehicles & packages.  He took it upon himself to take on this responsibility, without any training or prompting.  It may be a little unnerving to hear him barking at the door, but we assure you he means no harm. He wants to say hello and sniff your shoes.  He takes his job very seriously.

Daily Office Duties: Accompany Owners and Management on all errands daily (especially the Bank because he gets free milk bones). Sniff all the vehicles in the parking lot. Sniff all incoming packages. Crumb patrol at Breakfast and Lunch. Greet and Inspect all new Visitors.

Likes & Hobbies include: Car rides with Mom. Long naps in the afternoon. Long walks in the evening. Sunbathing. Sitting in Co-workers laps.

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